Seed of Hope Centres

We operate four Seed of Hope centres across Kenya. The first of these centres is in Nairobi and this is the main facility for development of the cirriculum and training of staff, as well as running its own vocational training. Nairobi Seed of Hope relies upon sponsorship of the girls to cover its operating costs.

The second centre to open was our Nyamache Seed of Hope. This centre is fully funded by the UK charity 'Boo'. Nyamache is a small place on the outskirts of Kisii town in Western Kenya. While funded by Boo, the centre operates to the same high standards of all our centres.

Seed of Hope number three is in Kariti Murang'a in Central province. Like Nyamache this was purpose built by Vision Africa. This centre is funded with generous support from the Sumerian Foundation.

The newest of our Centres is in Kitui, also in Central province. This centre was built thanks to the generosity of two of our supporters who completed the Zambezi challenge in 2005 and raised sufficient funds to complete the construction. Kitui, like Nairobi, depends upon the generosity of our supporters through sponsorship of the girls to fund its day to day operations.

To read more about each of these centres please click on the photos below.

Nairobi Nyamache Kariti Kitui

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