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Saving Our Planet One Seed At A Time!

Our Mission

Seeds of Hope is dedicated to nurturing a sustainable future through environmental activism. Our mission is to cultivate change by empowering individuals, particularly youth, with the tools and resources to restore biodiversity and combat climate change. Through the establishment of seed libraries and engaging educational initiatives, we aim to "sow the seeds" of environmental change and inspire a generation of changemakers who will protect and preserve our planet for generations to come.


Seeds of Hope believes that there is no singular answer—every little action helps when it comes to making a difference. There are many meaningful ways you can help us succeed in combating climate change. If you have a way that you can help that's not listed below, reach out to us.



Are you ready to lead the way in initiating positive environmental change in your community? If so, start a new seed library! Ask your high school or public library librarian about implementing a seed library, explaining its purpose, and showing pictures of what it would look like. When you receive permission, fill out our form by clicking the get started now button below, and we will be in touch, sending you all the materials you need and native plant seeds for your state to stock your library!



Seeds of Hope is always looking for volunteers to help with our mission. Volunteers can do a variety of tasks, from making seed libraries to writing blog posts or even handling social media content. Any work that you do for Seeds of Hope can be used as community service hours. Asa team member, you will gain valuable skills while helping protect the environment and the Earth. Also, if you want to volunteer as a club or group, we can send you enough seeds to do a group seed-sorting volunteer event. Contact us to learn about how you can get involved.



Support and sponsorships are vital to the success of our movement. Even the smallest contributions can make a big difference. By donating today, you are supporting our mission to restore the natural habitat of our nation and combat climate change. This money will go towards supplies that we can then use to make new seed libraries. To show our gratitude for your kindness, with each donation we provide a free Seed Paper Card! Contact us to donate now and help provide a cleaner future!  



You can help our planet and make a difference by visiting your nearest native seed library, taking some seeds, and planting them. Rain gardens are gardens composed of native plants grown in areas where water concentrates after rainfall. Through their xylems and long root systems, native plants filter water and help it infiltrate into the soil. This improves local water quality, replenishes aquifers, and reduces flooding. Additionally, rain gardens provide a habitat for pollinators and sequester carbon dioxide, helping fight climate change. No sees library near you? Contact us and we will send you native seeds for your area.


1525 Harvey Road, Oswego, IL 60543


Thanks you for reaching out!

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